Here at RCG we recognise and believe that an inclusive workplace recognises varied abilities. This inevitably creates encourages different points of view and therefore a more diverse company from the top down. We are aware that diversity means much more than race which is why we are working to employ people of all ages, races, genders, disabilities and neurodiversity.

“Where no one gets left behind, everybody moves forward”

We work avidly to reduce and eradicate unconscious bias within the workplace and have overhauled our HR department to ensure everyone understands the way in which RCG conduct themselves.

Diversity helps retain talent and talented employees results in better overall performance and fresh perspectives in problem solving, decision making and productivity.

Our new HR department’s main focus is to hear out our employees needs and accommodate them. It was important to us to be able to provide mental health support to our employees where needed and have ensured all our HR employees are mental health trained.

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