According to the ambitious goal, RCG will attempt to cut all of its carbon emissions from development and operations while also offsetting any remaining emissions to Gold Standard.

The net zero carbon goal expands on RCG’s commitment to the RE100 commitment, a global campaign to support businesses using 100% renewable energy, in 2017.

RCG will look for chances to hasten the implementation of carbon emission reduction technologies. Along with this, RCG will assist its clients, partners, and supply chain in embracing and putting into practise low carbon solutions related to infrastructure and construction projects.

As part of the strategy, RCG will strive to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” in order to attain net zero carbon emissions in the built environment.

In order to address the issues of energy use, embodied carbon, including the decarbonization of heating and cooling systems, business travel, and water and waste, RCG’s plan investigates many methods.

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